Genesis Live at Wembley Stadium - 2nd July 1987

Nosher's first-ever big gig was to see his favourite-band-ever Genesis at Wembley on a hot July day, staying over the night before in South Ruislip at the house of mate Phil's then-girlfriend Ruth. Nosher braved the security at the gates to smuggle in his trusty Pentax K1000 with a roll of 1600ISO film, with the camera body wrapped around the waist under a shirt, and lenses distributed around the mates who went with him. The gig was officially part of the "Invisible Touch" tour, and featured quite a bit of the recent stuff at the time, but also provided a good amount of earlier 70s tunes - Nosher's favourite being "Afterglow" (the photo below with lots of pink lighting was taken during this song). There's a DVD out now of this concert, with superb 5.1 remastered sound, which sadly contains only Los Endos from the older stuff, but it's still worth getting just for that :-)

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