Life Around Ford Cottage, Meadow Way, Barton-on-Sea - 1985/1986

Scenes from Meadow Way, Barton-on-Sea

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previous album: Christmas in Yorkshire, Cheshire and New Milton - December 1985

Fleabag the Moog scratches a flea

Andy Campbell (stepdad #1) balances his specs for some reason

Another pic of Flossie

The back of Ford Cottage after its extension had been built. My CB Wattpole can be seen hanging out of my bedroom window

Sis sunbathes

Nosher eats salad

Sis sits by the Christmas tree. This dates it to, err, Christmas sometime

A bee in a lupin

Claudine Peyre (one of my childhood au-pairs), Mark (my then-stepbrother) and Andy

Uncle Neil, Aunty Caroline, etc

Nosher again in neutral eighties grey


Nosher's Sis

A freak encounter with some rellies in the Forest. Nosher stands next to his uncle Neil

Jon 'The Hair' and his excellent light-blue Triumph Herald convertible

A moody photo of stormy seas at Barton

The back garden of Ford Cottage

A bleak outlook on Barton on Sea seafront

Nosher's Uncle Neil in the lounge at Ford Cottage

Andy Campbell

Out for dinner in the Saddle Bar, near Holmsley

Biddles the Wonder Moog

Helen Marsh looks at the tree

The railway station at New Milton, as the tracks heading to Bournemouth catch the dusk light

Sunset on Barton on Sea beach

Jon 'The Hair' and his Morris Minor van

Barton sea front, famous for its coastal slumping

Nosher's Sis dresses up as a Christmas elf

A blackbird eats some cat food out of Florence's bowl

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Fleabag the Moog scratches a flea