Brockenhurst College, Hamish's Computer and Phil's 18th - August 1985

A welcome discover in Mother's loft is a whole photo album of early black-and-white photos from 1985. Several of these (for a change) are actually dated and reveal part of a camping trip to Charmouth in Devon around the 7th of August, and Phil T's 18th birthday party around his house in Hordle, on the 3rd August. It's therefore likely that the other photos in the group are from around the same era, including a few from life around the corridors of Brockenhurst sixth-form college in the New Forest and the New Forest marathon. A few of these photos can be found elsewhere, but these were (presumably) the "definitive" prints, and so they are repeated where neccessary. Note however that they are self-processed and self-printed.

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Stepdad Andy Campbell sweeps leaves in the garden as Florence scratches a flea

Andy herds a few more leaves around the garden

Mother, Grandmother, Sis and Aunt Caroline

Meadow Way (leading to Ford Cottage) on a misty morning; Nosher sets off for college by bicycle

Sean skates around Westover Ice Rink in Bournemouth

A '92' Train from Bournemouth pulls in to Brockenhurst Station

Andy Poppitt and 'Boris' mess around at college

Keith Frost, unknown and Andy Poppitt lounge around on the windowsill in the corridors of Brock College

A couple of Brock College chums on the train on the way back to New Milton

Boris and Andy Poppitt in the Brock corridors

One of several attempts to write 'Genesis' in torchlight in the dark

Hamish and Geordie the dog on a disused railway track in the New Forest

Florence the cat

Sis, Caroline, Neil, Grandmother, Mother and Andy

Liz in the lounge of Ford Cottage, Meadow Way

Liz's Austin 1100 parks near Ford Cottage

A river somewhere in the New Forest

Yes! An actual photo of Hamish in front of his BBC B. The Modem's light is on so we were on-line at the time (in 1985...)

Jon H in Hamish's bedroom

Jon plays around with Geordie's ears

Hamish waves a portable TV aerial around

Hamish and Geordie in Hamish's bedroom

Geordie hangs out on Hamish's bed

The runners of the New Forest marathon come through Arnewood School

Hamish's dad playing bagpipes at the New Forest Marathon. Check the dude (left) playing pocket billiards

A Nosher self-portrait

Nosher's sometime piano teacher at Brockenhurst College (in the music room on the edge of the playing field)

Geordie paddles about

Nosher pokes a stick into a stream in the forest

Nosher leaps over a small stream

A sample of a contact strip

Carol (from the CB-radio gang) plays pitch-and-putt in Beer, Devon

Nosher by a Pulman railway carriage at the Beer (in Devon) Modelrama, 7th August 1985

Carol Vass in Charmouth

Anna, Phil and Carol by the river at Charmouth in Devon

Phil and Anna in the garden

Phil and Anna mess bout in Anna's parents' lounge

Phil chases after a ball and/or the dog

Phil and Anna herd ducks around in the garden

Phil's family get together for his 18th birthday

Phil cuts his 18th birthday cake

Someone's random rabbit

Anna and Phil toast his 18th birthday

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Stepdad Andy Campbell sweeps leaves in the garden as Florence scratches a flea