College Life: some early photos from life at Brockenhurst College - 1985

These are another discovery from "the box in the loft", and document a few people and places at Brockenhurst College in the New Forest. Nosher had only had a camera for a while at this time (it was an 18th birthday present) - in fact some or all of these may have been taken on a camera borrowed from the college - and had learnt B&W developing and processing whilst at Brock.

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As part of an A-Level Physics project, Nosher had constructed a primitive fax machine out of technical Lego. This is the 'scanner'

A view of one of the VIC-20s that I used in my 'Fax Machine'. One controlled the scanner, the other did the scanning

One of the 'Room 7' gang - Jo Funnel. A bunch of us used to hang out playing cards and suchlike in one of the college's rooms during lunchtimes

In the upstairs corridor, near the physics labs

One of my Physics colleagues, doing something on a BBC-B Micro

Herman hangs out near the lockers

More messing about in Room 7 - I think this is my mate Phil and his then-girlfriend Anna

Liz sits on the windowsill outside the main hall

A rare photo of Nosher at the piano in the main hall. Nosher used to spend hours playing Genesis stuff during breaks

Liz plays piano whilst Anna props open the lid

The physics lab

This 'Room 7' girl, Jo Funnel, used to call me 'Dopey' for some reason :-)

Self-portrait - taking a photo into a mirror

Wizzie's trusty Austin 1100 (CEL 254L). Much driving around Barton-on-Sea and the New Forest was done.

Sis, Caroline, Neil, Grandmother, Mum and then-stepfather Andy at Ford Cottage, Barton-on-Sea

In the backgarden at Ford Cottage

Carol, one of my old CB Radio chums. Behind is Charmouth in Dorset.

Phil, Anna and Carol by the River Char, Dorset. We were on a camping trip at the time.

Phil and Anna toast something

The famous 'Nosher and the Squirly Lights' (although I wasn't known as Nosher then...). The tripod-mounted camera is has its shutter held open as Nosher runs around the garden with a torch. A single flash (muted through toilet roll) 'fixes' Nosher's position. It was a blatant attempt to rip-off the cover of Genesis' 'Then There Were Three' album cover :-)

Hamish's Dad (John) in full Scots Pipe Band regalia

Florence the Cat (also known variously as Fleabag, Biddles and The Moog). Florence joined us in around 1973/4 and shuffled through the mortal catflap around 1990 - a 16-year lifespan is pretty good for a cat.

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As part of an A-Level Physics project, Nosher had constructed a primitive fax machine out of technical Lego. This is the 'scanner'