Camping in France with Sean - June 1982

Nosher and Sean, in tow with Sean's mum and Auntie Pam, get the coach from London down to the Camargue in the south of France for a spot of camping, courtesy of "Tentrek". The campsite is far enough away from the beach, and faintly smells of sewer gas, but Sean and Nosher wangle their own tent and spend quality time messing around on the beach. Our tent neighbours are Dave, a coal miner from Nottingham, and his family, who we hang out with for a bit. On the way back, whilst Nosher is asleep on the floor of the coach, a tyre blows out on an autoroute, neccessitating a long wait for a new tyre to be fitted. The total return trip takes something like 35 hours.

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Pam and Jean outside their tent

Dave (opposite) by the 'La Marine' pool

Dave the coal miner

Excellently-composed shot: Dave's family (minus a head or two)

Nosher and Sean's own tent (left)

Jean and Pam take in a few rays

Sean messes about on the beach

Nosher and Sean in a hole in the sand

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Pam and Jean outside their tent